Ficohsa, a reliable bank for the economic growth of Honduras

Ficohsa, a reliable bank for the economic growth of Honduras

The National Banking and Insurance Commission (CNBS) recently published a list of the banks with the largest assets at the end of 2022, reaffirming the savers’ trust in the Honduran financial system, led by Ficohsa.

The National Banking and Insurance Commission (CNBS) has confirmed that Honduran banking is in excellent condition, being solid and growing steadily. This has been determined thanks to data collected at the end of 2022.

In its latest report, the CNBS revealed its financial system indicators and the ranking of the best banks according to their assets. Honduran banking showed unprecedented solidity during the last period, with a 7.5% growth in banking assets, which reached a total of US$34,176 million. This shows the high level of trust that savers and other clients have in the Honduran banks.

The success of a financial institution depends on responsibility, professionalism and good management of its clients’ money. The size and reputation of a financial institution are measured by the amount of assets it holds. this, in turn, generates more benefits for the clients that choose its service.

According to the report, Banco Ficohsa is the lead bank in Honduras, with assets of US$6.9 billion. It is followed by Atlántida, Occidente, BAC and Banpaís. The National Banking and Insurance Commission (CNBS) publishes the ranking quarterly at the end of 2022. First place also goes to Ficohsa, with investments of US$1.087 million. This places this bank among the top 10 banks at the regional level in terms of assets.

In Honduras, the economy continues to advance. Investments increased by 8.8%, according to the Central Bank. Despite the complicated situation in the world, the Imae reveals the country grew by 4.4% between January and November 2022. This improvement was driven by the increase in both internal and external demand.

The Monthly Index of Economic Activity (IMAE) measures the state of the main sectors of the economy, which is used to make investment decisions. According to the Central Bank of Honduras (BCH), in the year 2022 this country will be above the average of the Central American region, placing it among the territories with the highest development in its production.

The latest report of the World Bank has the same recovery direction. According to its economic outlook report, which is based on the same BCH forecasts, an increase from 3.5 to 4.5 percent is expected by 2023. Furthermore, this indicator will improve by 2024 with a forecast of 3.7 percent.